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We service IBM, Toshiba, Gateway, Emachines, Sony, Lernovo, Dell, Compaq and any major brand pc or laptop wny buffalo

Still want to give employees access to your servers and network infratructure because you think it saves the company money? You may find this valuable. Click the image below to find out.

Having Employees fix your computers is a no no


  • Veteran Experience (1981)
  • IT Support/Sharepoint
  • Premium Industrial Racks
  • Upgrades & Part Sales
  • Laptop Repair/Screens
  • Networking & Security
  • Networking/Servers
  • Office Computers
  • Electronics Soldering/Logic Gates
  • Hardware/Software Sales
  • Website, Graphics, Product Photography
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Servers
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Honeywell Security Systems
  • Pro On-Site Service
  • Exceptional Warranties
  • Friendly Service, no geeks
  • Immediate response


A+ Technology on Computer Security WNY

We Fix IPAD Glass at a fraction of Apple cost! 25 Years experience with PC and Laptop Repair and a great selection of Office and Home Computers with exceptional warranties! NO HASSLE, Friendly Service!


IPAD Glass Repair, Laptop Repair, PC Repair, Soldering, Custom Computer Systems, Residential and Commercial Support, Camera Systems, Security (Honeywell) with over 25 years experience! We can provide customer references and have many parts on hand for new and old computers, right here locally!


We Sell and Service Rackmounts, PC's and Office Equipment, We can save you money on IPAD Glass Repair at only $150+tax and get it back to you faster than Apple. Ship it to us or drop it off locally in WNY.

A+ Rackmounts are fully upgradeableTablet computing coming to end A+ Technology Solutions of WNY

Our A+ Rackmount, Computers are rock solid performers that provide years of trouble free service. A+ systems are assembled using only the best components we test in the shop and with our special burn-in testing, your systems are guaranteed not to fail when you need them the most. We provide systems for industrial, educational, office or home use any way you want them, this way you get only what you need and not features you don't.

Rackmounts are delivered locally or out of state to provide your company the best in processing power with the smallest form factor but still allow upgrade options later on. Our systems don't use proprietary components that are hard for you to replace later, all systems are universal and allow for many years of stability.

A+ Technology Solutions is commited to providing quality parts tested from years of experience. We work directly with vendors for solutions and support so we know our products very well. Our systems don't get our logo unless they meet strict quality control guidelines.


Back to School


Someone on your property? Live in a High Crime Area?

We install affordable Security Camera systems that you can view on your phone from anywhere, record 24/7 and give you peace of mind when you're on vacation, call and ask about the options and cost, for under $1,500 we can install a 4 camera system.


You can't trust what you can't see these days. Home and Business Security.

aplus security solutions wny


A+ Technology has helped many customers by installing the most effective camera systems at a great price, allowing them to connect remotely on vacation and view what is going on at home or business from a hotel room with Internet access or a smartphone. Keep an eye on a sneaky employee or catch a rat in your basement. The opportunities are endless and we can set it up for you in just an afternoon.

Camera systems not only record all video 24x7 but can save weeks of video and allow you to go back to a certain date and time when something has happened on your property. Our custom rack enclosures allow for plenty of power outlets and security cabinet to house all of the equipment.

When you have contractors at your home, wouldn't it be nice to look back when you discover another piece of your property has been damaged during an existing repair? You can if you have a camera system and pinpoint it to the exact time/date.

Don't wait for something to happen, contact A+ today and maybe you can sleep at night again knowing you've got eyes watching your property when you can't. A+ can teach you how to be comfortable with your security system so you can operate it without being frustrated.


Our average return call or email time is 30 minutes. We have worked on Quickbooks issues during late hours of the night so the next morning companies are able to work again. This type of service is unique so try A+ and you won't ever need another IT company again and we can furnish your office with the most reliable PC's and beat any price without sacrificing quality.




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A+ Technology Customer Promise

We always promise to provide an honest quote. We promise to treat you the way you should be treated when serviced. Before and after the sale we are here like a nerdy bestie. We promise to notify you of problems even though we seem annoying we will suggest the best course of action for you, it's up to you decide.

Schedule your appointment today. We can accomodate your schedule and get you fixed up in no time!


A+ of Cheektowaga service and repair



Weller Soldering Services

Soldering services A+ Technology WNY

We can repair laptop jacks and we don't send them out like some companies do, we use Weller irons to get the job done.

We have soldered everything from XBox boards to car stereo harnesses, if you have a loose electronic connection maybe we can help rectify that problem for you. We have all of the modern equipment because we're geeks.



Remote Support Services

A+ Computer Remote Connect Service

Need it done in a hurry?, we can connect remotely and fix your issues without a visit to the office and without installing any programs on your computer!



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