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Repair Pro Technician Software for Windows

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A Computer Technician's best friend. That is what Repair Pro is to you.

The Story of Repair Pro goes back to 2009, during a recession in WNY as many of us had experienced, there were no jobs - no opportunity - but there was survival mode and creativity that never dies. We all know what that is. I began thinking it was time to start my own business. I worked for many companies and even suggested this idea to one, the last company I worked for who said it wouldn't work. I suddenly needed a program I could use in my company to manage the repairs I was doing because it can get confusing to know which computer belongs to which customer.. 7 years later Repair Pro still sells and is the most intuitive, easiest program to operate build on simplicity and it delivers with productivity. It earned over 10,000 dollars in sales and something I am very proud of, maybe you like many others can benefit from it's ease of use. See video of Repair Pro being updated recently as I continue to update here.


Repair Pro for Windows New Demo Released (Updated 2/27/2019):

  • View OPEN and CLOSED repairs easily in your computer shop
  • Share repair information between computers (network version)
  • Print a drop-off receipt for the customer
  • Print workorders when you are done with the job
  • Store make, models, memory, license keys and more!
  • Print a barcoded label to identify machines in the shop
  • Stores customer machines auto-fill information if they return
  • Store time to jobsite, time left, time returned
  • Stores customer on-site IP devices
  • Send notification email or text message (See Video on YouTube)
  • Store and view mileage for on-site Repairs
  • Customer history shows all jobs from a specific customer
  • Use it for remote work to track your time
  • Export customers to Quickbooks with exported CSV
  • Proven reliability originally developed in 2009 and still praised
  • It's a computer technician's best friend


"Just wanted to let you know that this software is awesome as well as the price."

- Blake Bessett, SANTA ANA, California


"This is a great product - worth every penny!"

- Joe Creel


"Really like your software because it's simple and anyone can operate it. I tested a lot of but most of them have too much information to give."

- RivaInfo Solutions, Farmington, MA


"This product is the easiest and simplest program to use out of all the programs I have tried, it's also the cheapest, very well written software! Thanks Frank!!"

- Mike Contantine - Canada

Repair Pro development by Frank Cid, Cheektowaga, NY

Some of the  Repair Pro Tech Army :
  • Finger Lakes Computer Medic, Watkins Glen, NY
  • Cooper Technologies, Norfolk
  • CampuSattelite, United Kingdom
  • Ronald Rivas, Westbury, NY
  • Fiona Hodge, Western Australia
  • Aarons Computers, Arizona
  • Aplus Barcode, New Jersey
  • Two River Computer, New Jersey
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del, Michigan
  • Computer Doctor, Illinois
  • Monique Valenzuela, New Mexico
  • Jonathan Stewart, Tennesee
  • 1Up Computers, Florida
  • Mike Hamrick, Michigan
  • Brian DiffenDerfer, Lousville, KY
  • WNY Comp Repair, G. Island, NY
  • YooFooz, California
  • Paul Coffman, Washington, DC
  • Thomas Computers, Columbus, GA
  • ISPComputer, Kent, WA
  • Ottawa PC Repair, Ohio
  • Computer Troubleshooters, NJ
  • Robert Carter, Wisconson
  • YouSeff, Quebec, Canada
  • Eric Goldman, California
  • Jason Handsley, United Kingdom
  • DMV Computers, Maryland
  • Computer Guy, San Diego, CA
  • PCMS, Canton, Ohio
  • Seqium PC, Washington, DC
  • RivaInfo Solutions
  • Feidias Tsiakkas, Cypress
  • Alex Hutchinson, NJ
  • William Betts, Hurst, TX
  • Tim Warbout, Galway, Ireland
  • Byteware Computers, Honolulu
  • PC Service Center, Indiana
  • James Tracy, Centerville, IA
  • L.A.B. Computer Consultants, NY
  • ETS Repair, UK
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