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Repair Pro for Computer Consultants and Computer Pro's

For Windows XP, Windows 7 ::

Repair Pro for A+ Certified Technicians

Updated 1/30/2014

Repair Pro was developed by the working man for the working man. It has become the choice for Computer Shops all over the globe who need a simple method of tracking computer repairs in the shop. Many have tried other programs only to discover Repair Pro and have nothing but good things to say about it. Go ahead get your Demo and see if it fits into your daily operations. The software is a computer technician's best friend as well as your pocket for it's reasonable price of $59.99.


Quick overview of features to date:

  • View of repairs being done all in one place
  • *New* Stores customer on-site IP devices (Routers, servers, printers, IP's etc)
  • Send Notification Email or Text Message to the Customer when done
  • Store and view Mileage for on-site Repairs
  • Print a barcoded label to identify machines in the shop
  • Print a Drop-Off Receipt for the customer
  • Store Time to jobsite, time left, time returned
  • Customer History shows all jobs from a specific customer
  • Store and select from Multiple customer machines
  • Use it for Remote work to track your Time
  • Store important machine information during your repair
  • Prints workorders when you are done with the job
  • Network Mode lets you share data for seperate work areas
  • Export Customers to Quickbooks with exported CSV
  • Easy to use without all the features you may not need
  • [ Click to purchase Repair Pro for Windows ]


Some Companies actively using Repair Pro:

  • Brian DiffenDerfer, Lousville, KY
  • WNY Computer Repair, G. Island, NY
  • YooFooz, California
  • Paul Coffman, Washington, DC
  • Thomas Computers, Columbus, GA
  • ISPComputer, Kent, WA
  • Ottawa PC Repair, Ohio
  • Computer Troubleshooters, New Jersey
  • Robert Carter, Wisconson
  • YouSeff, Quebec, Canada
  • Eric Goldman, California
  • Jason Handsley, United Kingdom
  • DMV Computers, Maryland
  • Computer Guy, San Diego, CA
  • PCMS, Canton, Ohio


"Just wanted to let you know that this software is awesome as well as the price."

- Blake Bessett, SANTA ANA, California


"This is a great product"

- Joe Creel


"Really like your software because it's simple and anyone can operate it. I tested a lot of but most of them have too much information to give."

- RivaInfo Solutions, Farmington, MA


Simply Amazing!

- Lyle Kingsley - Seqium PC, Washington, DC


Additional information and screenshots ::

View/Edit Jobs being worked on [ Screenshot]

Simple Mileage Tracking and Reporting [ Screenshot ]

Customer Machine Selections [ Screenshot ]

Workorder Entry [ Screenshot ]

A Printed Barcoded Label for the Computer [ Screenshot ]

Technical links to help while you work [ Screenshots ]


Computer shop repair software approved

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