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Barcode is not showing up in the program


This is by far the strangest issues and is not a bug in the program but on occasion someone will report that the barcodes are not showing up on asset tags, workorders or pick-up receipts. If you see big numbers instead of a barcode, this just means that it can't read the font and the software looks for the font in c:\windows\fonts. Repair Pro uses these 2 fonts:



1) First be sure that you are running Repair Pro as Administrator under Windows 7. Right click on the Repair Pro icon, select Properties, Compatibility and be sure under Priveledge Level that 'Run This Program As Administrator' is checked. So many issues can be attributed to Rights and you must have these rights for the software to function properly.


2) Check the Windows/fonts folder for the Free 3 of 9 font. Right click on the font and choose INSTALL. Then check your Windows/Fonts folder again to be sure it's there, run Repair Pro again and see if the barcode shows up. If this doesn't work proceed to step 3. The fonts should also be in the RepairPro directory, copy them from RepairPro to the Windows/Fonts folder if necessary. Install the font through Windows.


3) If the font exists then back up the font to another folder, then remove the font from Windows/Fonts by right clicking and choosing DELETE. Refresh and be sure the font is gone. Restart the system and once the system comes back up, right click on the font where you backed it up and choose INSTALL then check and be sure the font is indeed in Windows/Fonts, try Repair Pro again.


If none of these work, then backup your /company/ folder first this contains all of your data, customers, machines and workorders - uninstall Repair Pro, remove all Repair Pro install folders in the Program Files directory, download the latest demo again and be sure you restart the system first, re-install Repair Pro.


If you cannot get the barcode to work the author will do it for you, all it takes is you responding to your Repair Pro email and the author can connect remotely and fix it, remember we are Eastern Standard time so give it some time to receive a response.










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