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Setting up email/texting with GMAIL (Google) accounts


Repair Pro uses Blat to send email. Blat is a Free SMTP sender and is widely used but unfortunately does not use SSL but will work with most providers if your email address domain is the same domain as your Internet service provider because in many cases it won't require special authentication. It has been proven to work with Comcast, Roadrunner and others. There are some cases where people want to use Gmail because you can set up a free email account with them, Repair Pro supports Gmail when used in tandem with Stunnel which provides the SSL connection.

To understand SMTP, you have to understand that if you have roadrunner Internet access for example and a roadrunner email address, in most cases the server won't require special authentication because it knows you are on the same network (domain) getting your mail. Your mail is, the domains match. Once it notices a match, it allows the email to be sent without any special type of authentication. The reason for authentication is because spammers ruined this for us by telnetting to email servers and sending out emails from provider SMTP servers, so now if it notices you don't belong to the domain it will require authentication.

Remember the key is if the domain in the email address matches the domain of your service provider.

Roadrunner and Comcast have been tested to work with Repair Pro, some users want to use Gmail, you can use Gmail with Repair Pro notifications and here are the instructions to do that:

Repair Pro does not guarantee emailing and texting works with every provider, some providers may truncate the message being sent out and only allow so many characters.


Installation and Configuration test of Blat with Stunnel and Gmail :

(Stunnel is a Free program that provides an SSL tunnel. When you use Stunnel with Repair Pro it will allow you to use GMAIL to send out text and email notifications from within the software because Gmail requires SSL and Blat does not support it)


Download Stunnel for Windows [ Here ]

Install and Run the STunnel program v4.53 as Administrator (Windows 7)

When you run Stunnel it will appear by the system clock. Right click on it for options. First, right click and then choose edit stunnel.conf, it will load up notepad.

Remove everything out of there then paste the information below in instead. Yes remove everything. All that is needed are the following lines then be sure to save. File.. Save.

accept = 587
connect =
protocol = smtp
client = yes


Now right click on it and choose show log window, choose configuration and RELOAD. Be sure it says it was successful and no error is present. Once your Stunnel is running properly, now it's time to configure Repair Pro to work with Google Mail.


That’s all you need. Now Run Repair Pro and choose File.. and Customer Notification Setup. Put in the server field, your gmail email address in the Email field, Leave the port at 25. Select the Gmail Checkbox and put your gmail username and password there. Then select Install/Save Server.

A DOS Command window will open, if it says error writing to system registry that means you did not run Repair Pro as Administrator on Windows 7. Blat saves the server setting to the registry so you do not have to do it again.

It should say Set on port 25 with user [your email address] retry 1 time(s)

Now go to OPEN Orders, double click an open order when the order comes up change the email address field of the customer to an email you want to do a test to, you do not have to save it will pick the email out of the box when you click the NOTIFICATION button on the left lower side of the workorder screen. Test and be sure you get the email before using this with customers.


Here is what Repair Pro is actually executing when you save/Set the server.

Blat –install –u username –pw password


After you have attempted to send an email, the Stunnel log should show this activity that a successful connection to the GMAIL server (Google) and you should also get an email.

2012.04.14 01:13:37 LOG5[7252:4432]: Reading configuration from file stunnel.conf
2012.04.14 01:13:37 LOG5[7252:4432]: FIPS mode is enabled
2012.04.14 01:13:37 LOG5[7252:4432]: Configuration successful
2012.04.14 01:14:26 LOG5[7252:3204]: Service [ssmtp] accepted connection from
2012.04.14 01:14:26 LOG5[7252:3204]: connect_blocking: connected
2012.04.14 01:14:26 LOG5[7252:3204]: Service [ssmtp] connected remote server from
2012.04.14 01:14:28 LOG5[7252:3204]: Connection closed: 532 byte(s) sent to SSL, 357 byte(s) sent to socket
2012.04.14 01:22:03 LOG5[7252:760]: Service [ssmtp] accepted connection from
2012.04.14 01:22:03 LOG5[7252:760]: connect_blocking: connected
2012.04.14 01:22:03 LOG5[7252:760]: Service [ssmtp] connected remote server from
2012.04.14 01:22:05 LOG5[7252:760]: Connection closed: 532 byte(s) sent to SSL, 357 byte(s) sent to socket


Blat was not written by Repair Pro, it is a Free command line SMTP Sender.

For additional information on Blat and it's parameters visit [ Here ]




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