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Drop Off Receipts


Drop off receipts are a simple way to provide the customer with some type of proof they dropped a machine off to be repaired. The customer feels good because there is a link between you and the computer they hold dear to them. It's professional and is good for your business.

A Drop off receipt is intended to be given to a customer if they walk in to your office for repair or if you are operating a home based business where customers bring computers to you. Typically you would create the customer, gather information from them and then enter machine information into Repair Pro. From the workorder entry screen you can then print it. It is important to complete as much information on the workorder as possible.

The receipt gets it's information from various sources. The workorder and also company information that you set up. (Your company name, phone, etc) in the simple company configuration.

Sometimes in a pinch you may need to change a value on the receipt, it is editable so you can click on the time for instance and change it, as well as date and the main text that is printed. It will not save this information as of yet and changing the unique receipt ID is not a good idea, it won't link to the workorder. The number on the asset tag, workorder and receipts match as well as the barcode. This creates a link between customer, machine and you.






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