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** Repair Pro doesn't work, I cannot run the software (Windows 7)


There are some that report that the software doesn't work or doesn't work under Windows 7. These assumptions are false since the software was developed using Windows 7 and many customers use the software, so what might be the problem? In many cases it's because the user did not follow directions properly when installing the software in the first place. If you follow these simple directions you can avoid problems after installation.

Do not remove the Demo if you are purchasing. The patch will update your current files. If you remove the demo you are missing key files, the update patch patches up the RepairPro.exe it does not contain all the files necessary for the software to run and you will receive an error when running it.

Do not remove customers from the Demo unless you have created a customer and workorder of your own first. You cannot remove all the demo information and expect the software to run, it will not run if there isn't information in the databases! Once you create a real customer of your own and a workorder, then you can remove all the other demo workorders and customers and proceed to use the program. If you are using the Demo you are limited to how many workorders you can create. The Demo is just that, it's a Demo just to give you an idea of how it works in hopes that you will purchase it.


** Demo install and uninstall instructions for Windows 7

If you have installed Repair Pro and it does not work, chances are you missed one of the following steps. Some users are advanced and think they can skip steps because it isn't necessary. Take it from the author that following these steps will guarantee that it works properly. If you have 32-Bit Windows be sure you downloaded the 32-bit version of Repair Pro. Do not change the default installation folder of C:\Program Files\Repair Pro.

Remember just because you have Administrator rights on Windows 7 does not mean you are the Administrator, you must right click on the setup package and be sure you are selecting Run as Administrator, I cannot say this enough because users don't think it's important, with Windows 7 it is very important and Repair Pro Setup requires it to install properly.


Perform these steps for the DEMO if you get an error while running the software.

1) Un-Install Repair Pro from add/remove programs.
2) Delete the folder for Repair Pro under Program Files
3) For the Demo don't save the databases, you could have an old version of the databases
4) Set your computer's files and folders to unhidden
5) Check this directory C:\Users\YOUR ACCOUNT\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files
6) Delete the Repair Pro folder if it's in there
7) Reboot
8) Download the latest demo, Right click on the demo and be sure you RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR, same for the program once it's installed
9) Do not delete any demo information from the Data files until you've entered a customer and workorder of your own first, then delete the other information
10) Install the patch with the Demo still installed (If you purchased)


If you still have problems, a remote connection can be scheduled to your system to fix it. Most of the issues are very simple and not Repair Pro problems at all. Be sure you run at the highest resolution. Be sure you can see the entire workorder on your screen. If you can't, raise up the resolution so you can. Repair Pro displays alot of information, you need the screen real estate for it. If you are using an old monitor then it's time to get a new one, Repair Pro does not work well with old monitors that won't let you move resolutions beyond 1024x768.

Help will not be given through email on a daily basis for the same issue. It is better that you let us connect and fix your problem. If you cannot provide access to your system we cannot help you with your issue.

Thank you for your interest in the software.




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