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Label Printing


Label printing will print labels to any label printer that shows up as a printer in Windows. This means that you could print from other applications. Some label printers require that you use the software that comes with it, be selective. The printer that works well is the Brother QL-500 but it will print to most as long as you be sure it works with Windows applications other than what was bundled with it.

The unique label with barcode is used to identify machines, so you can affix the label inside the panel of the machine so if it ever returns you can look up what was done previously. Just by looking at the label you can tell what date the work was done and get a job number from it to look up the workorder in the system by using the Search option on the main interface.


The Logo on the Label is sideways and I don't see a barcode or number

If you print workorders and drop-off receipts and the barcode and unique ID shows up fine but when you print a label the logo is on it's side and it does not print the barcode or number that means the orientation for the label printer needs to be set to landscape, go to your printer properties before you print and change the orientation to landscape then try printing again.


Printing and Closing the Label


To print the label you click on the company logo on the asset label. To Close the label just double click on the barcode.










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