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Network Mode is Disabled and I Paid, What's up?


Network Mode requires that you purchase a license for each machine you are networking. Network mode was enabled in the Demo to give users a chance to test it out in their environments first before ordering multiple copies of the software. If you paid for the software doesn't mean Network mode comes with it, therefore it is disabled unless you have ordered multiple copies to run on multiple workstations. Network mode will let you share the data from a server and access that information from multiple work areas in your shop. The software has also been tested over a VPN for multiple building locations and has been proven to work but it all depends on the speed and reliability of your network, that why it is important to test the networking feature before you purchase.


If you are running Network mode without a license eventually the software will not run, so to ensure that in the future after you have entered customers and actively using the software on a daily basis that you have paid for multiple use of the software.





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