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Runtime Error (Item not found in the collection)


When you receive this error anywhere in the program: Adding machines, customers, devices, etc. This means that the version of Repair Pro you are using is newer but you are using older database files. Because of improvements to the software in the past few months additional fields were added to the databases to store additional information, but now when you attempt to save because you have older database files, those fields do not exist in the files you have.


When Repair Pro was intially developed it did not have all of the features it has today, so if you downloaded a Demo a few months ago and preserved the database files then downloaded the recent demo but chose not to overwrite your database files, then you don't have the latest fields in the database for the program to run properly and that's what it means by ITEM, an ITEM not found just means a FIELD was not found in your database file. You should only be entering test data into the Demo, not actually data that you want to preserve.


Another scenerio that may happen is Windows 7 has a VirtualStores directory under: C:\Users\Current User\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore. Windows puts Program Files in here that require administrator rights for Program Files but didn't have the rights, the issue is sometimes files come back from there. So always check this folder and remove Repair Pro from there as well before re-installing the software.


To be sure you have the latest files for Repair Pro you must un-install Repair Pro, go to the Program Files\Repair Pro folder and delete it. Set your files and folder setting to 'Show all files' in Windows 7, Go to the Users\Current User\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore folder and remove Repair Pro from there as well. Restart the system and Re-install Repair Pro.













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