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** Important Updates 2/25/2019**

Runtime Error 48, Error Loading DLL message may occur after installation of Repair Pro when clicking on Customer Machines. If you receive this message running Windows 7 after Repair Pro Installation. Thanks to Teknik Computers of the UK for finding the fix for it and being patient. This problem is caused by a recent update of Windows Live on Windows 7 and 8 with 64-bit computers. Microsoft has posted a fix for this. Download, Extract files and run to repair the error.

Click Here to download the fix and run it.


Important Notice: Remember that you must have the Demo Installed first before applying the Paid Version Patch. So if you plan on ordering Repair Pro, be sure to leave the Demo on your System but be sure you have the most recent Demo. You can use the same links that were sent to you previously, they are updated constantly. The Patch is not the full program but patches up the demo files to the paid version. Some customers have removed Repair Pro entirely and then download the Patch after they have purchased the software and then try to run Repair Pro when it's missing half of the support files it needs to function properly.


Important Notice to Demo Users: Do not remove all the of the Demo data out of the program before first putting in a customer of your own, a workorder of your own or a machine or device of your own. Once you create a customer and a workorder, it's safe to remove information. Remember create first, then delete the demo data but only put test information in. Do not attempt to alter the databases or the files in any way it will not turn the demo into the full version, it will just render your software useless.


Program Errors and Installation with Windows 7:


Installaling and Un-installing Repair Pro properly

The Barcode Font is not showing up

MSCOMCTL.OCX is missing or not registered

Runtime Error: Item not found in collection

Network mode is disabled

Texting and Emailing with Repair Pro


Some Operating instructions..


Basic Operation of Repair Pro

Drop-Off Receipts

Label Printing

How the Workorder works





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