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Workorders are built from customers and machines


In Repair Pro printing a workorder is just a professional way to provide the customer something when the repair is done and usually isn't printed until the repair is completed and the customer is ready to pick up the machine. There are fields on the workorder that can be adjusted before it's printed but keep in mind that the workorders are a seperate entity than customers and machines, so if a permanent change needs to be made to a customer machine or customer address information, this should be done before building the workorder to ensure that all future workorders are generated with that new updated information. When you build a workorder it's a collective operation, taking existing information like the customer and machine information and dumping it on the workorder for you to save you time. Repair Pro used to require entering that information every time and nobody really complained about that at the time but now things are different and Repair Pro has come a long way since it's initial development.

If a customer has a change of address, you can't do anything about the previous work that was done in fact the records or past workorders should not be changed at all but moving forward if you edit the customer record with the customer editor, when you generate a work order it will use the new information or updated information.

If you are creating a workorder and the customer tells you they have a different address, you should exit out of the workorder and build it later, move first to the customer editor and change the information, then build your workorder to be sure it's up to date and all future workorders for the customer will be accurate.


What about Quickbooks?

For my business it's really not a big deal for me to enter the customer address into Quickbooks, if I want to I could just export from the customer editor and import into Quickbooks. Since Repair Pro handled the repair and has that information, all I do is attach the workorder to the Quickbooks invoice and on the invoice I simply state to reference job # [ Repair Pro Job Number ] and just enter the amount of the repair. If your shop has a billing department, all you have to do is simply give them the invoice, they enter the customer into quickbooks and bill it from the Repair Pro workorder.















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