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We service IBM, Toshiba, Gateway, Emachines, Sony, Lernovo, Dell, Compaq and any major brand pc or laptop wny buffalo

A+ Technology Solutions - Tenacity, Dedication and Attention to Details.


A+ Technology started in the 80's but it didn't start without exploration and tenacity and since it's a local business, you can trust that the money you spend goes back into the economy, it;'s a small business and we make sure we don't take on too many customers to where we can't take care of them all and you get honest quotes for the work to be done without tacking on extra "made up" problems.

Most of your work will be performed by the owner and he's careful not to dissapoint, if you have a computer system that needs work or have just about any technology question, he can convert the answer to something you can understand, not in geek terms. Frank is the most creative computer person you'll meet with projects ranging from software development to music production (Phenix Briggs) and video, he wears many hats and can help you with yours.

A+ repairs and sells computers, rackmount systems, office systems, printers, laptops, ipads and the owner is the author of Repair Pro Software, a program for computer companies that generated over 10,000 in sales the first year alone, that's just how much A+ is dedicated to providing the most honest, efficient computer service there is, so don't just sit there with your broken equipment, let a local guy help you because you won't be dissapointed with the way you are treated.

Frank has fought many consumer battles, winning them all and is a tenacious consumer fighter. From bad service to predatory lending, he's serious about being treated fairly and that's a recipe for great customer service because he's not going to treat you unfairly, knowing how it feels to be wronged. For home or business needs, A+ delivers the goods and services the way you deserve them and the way you deserve to be treated - with respect.


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Frank Cid - The Master of his own universe

Frank, President of A+, Author of Repair Pro Software for Windows, Music Producer, Computer Engineer and Consumer Advocate.

Repair Pro for Windows developed by Frank Cid, Sold around the world.

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