Contact A+ Emergency Computer Repair of WNY


Contact A+ Emergency Computer Repair of WNY

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Due to abusive spam, this form has been disabled temporarily. Please call us, and to those spammers, it's really a waste of time submitting drugs and other sales pitches over forms, it's nothing but a nuisance and a poor sales technique, it just doesn't work.


We are located in Cheektowaga, NY with convenient access to the NYS thruway. Complete this brief service request and a representative will contact you shortly with an honest quote. Please include the make and model of your computer, laptop or device and a descriptive message about the service you require. Your email will be answered within a few hours if you've specified a valid email address. Be patient with your problem, we know it is frustrating but you've taken the first step to getting it resolved! Let us do the rest and turn that frown into a smile. Any form without the exact model from the sticker will be discarded. We cannot quote properly on a specific model or make if we don't know it.

Spam or sales messages posted here will be ignored, expect a reply shortly. Remember, we cannot possibly estimate every problem without knowing exact models and diagnosis of the issue first which will require diagnostics. We do not give free advice on products and services.

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