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We service IBM, Toshiba, Gateway, Emachines, Sony, Lernovo, Dell, Compaq and any major brand pc or laptop wny buffalo

A+ of Cheektowaga service and repair


A+ Technology is your Repair Pro for Western New York offering a wide range of computer services.

  • Veteran Experience (1981)
  • Computer Repairs
  • Virus Removal
  • Upgrades & Part Sales
  • Laptop Repair/Screens
  • Networking & Security
  • Networking/Servers
  • Home/Office Computers
  • Electronics Soldering/Logic Gates
  • Hardware/Software Sales
  • Website, Graphics, Product Photography
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Servers
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Honeywell Security Systems
  • Pro On-Site Service
  • Exceptional Warranties
  • Friendly Service


A+ Technology on Computer Security WNY

Updated October 15, 2023


A+ Repair PRO services all types of computers with over 35 years experience.

A+ Technology REPAIR PRO service gives you the comfort of knowing your machine will be serviced with experience. Frank has 35 years experience in the field of Information Technology, Data Processing, Mainframes, Software and Hardware and has worked for such companies as CityCorp, Softbank, Ingram Micro and several small computer companies and IT departments before venturing on his own and developing software that has sold globally making computer repairs more efficient.

A+ takes all the necessary COVID-19 social distance guidelines, so if you drop your computer off for repair, it's brief and the risk associated with covid are manageable.

We Sell and Service Computer Systems with great warranties and local support, fast and easy service for home or office without breaking the bank.


A+ Rackmounts are fully upgradeableTablet computing coming to end A+ Technology Solutions of WNY

A+ Rackmount computers are reliable systems built and customized for your company or home use (Media Servers, Controllers, etc) We have sold over 500 rackmount systems but can build any type of system for you giving you just what you need without giving you the things you don't need or use. This includes Gaming computers and computers for work at home environments, providing all the support you need to keep you working.


A+ Industrial Rackmounts are the best in WNY



Repairing and Services computers since the 1980's

There are many new companies that promise the best in service, in this business experience is everything and you get friendly, experienced service. Computers have evolved and A+ has been here every step of the way, that's why those who date back to the 80's have a better understanding of where we have been and where we are going with technology so whether you need a laptop or PC repaired or a new computer system, those are just a few services offered without breaking the bank.



Repair Pro Software for Computer Repair Technicians (Free DEMO)

Repair Pro is software developed during the last recession as an idea in improving how computer repairs are done. It manages and keeps track of computer repairs and is purchased from computer technicians all over the world, it has been successful in helping track repairs, print asset tags and so much more. You can download a FREE demo of Repair Pro link at the top of the page or [ Click Here ].



Explore the history of communications

Before the Internet and Facebook, people connected to Bulletin Board Systems with modems over a phone line. For educational and historic significance, you can connect today to a bulletin board "The Studio Underground" and experience what it was like then to connect with people, post messages, download and play online games before the Internet became popular. We have all the classic online games like tradewars and ledgend of the red dragon and you don't need a modem, instead it is available over Telnet. Preserved in original form from 1994 with all users and messages frozen in time.

Come and connect to the Studio Underground BBS, but first read these instructions on how to connect, it's easy and you may even find you connected to this BBS in the 90's. Take a look at the user list and see if you are there.


For the Studio Underground BBS Connection Instructions [ Click Here ]

For the Quake III Arena Demic Conspiracy Game Level Page [ Click Here ]







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A+ Technology Customer Promise

We always promise to provide an honest quote. We promise to treat you the way you should be treated when serviced. Before and after the sale we are here like a nerdy bestie. We promise to notify you of problems even though we seem annoying we will suggest the best course of action for you, it's up to you decide.

Schedule your appointment today. We can accomodate your schedule and get you fixed up in no time!


Weller Soldering Services

Soldering services A+ Technology WNY

We can repair laptop jacks and we don't send them out like some companies do, we use Weller irons to get the job done.

We have soldered everything from XBox boards to car stereo harnesses, if you have a loose electronic connection maybe we can help rectify that problem for you. We have all of the modern equipment because we're geeks.



Remote Support Services

A+ Computer Remote Connect Service

Need it done in a hurry?, we can connect remotely and fix your issues without a visit to the office and without installing any programs on your computer!


Be local, buy local computers and rackmounts from A+ of Buffalo, NY



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