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Download the Demo of Repair Pro for Technicians (Windows )::

Repair Pro developed by Frank Cid, wny


Be sure to download the Demo that is appropriate for your operating system (32 bit or 64 bit). Be aware the links in the software that bring you here to order once the software is installed are being updated, a new version will be posted here shortly, so don't be alarmed if it says the site doesn't exist, the old site has been replaced by


Repair Pro Technician Edition Download US Updated DEMO released 3/20/2020


Download the 32-Bit Repair Pro Demo for Windows 7 / Windows 10 Here

Download the 64-Bit Repair Pro Demo for Windows 7 / Windows 10 Here

100% Clean Download tested by Softpedia


Thank you for trying Repair Pro. It doesn't promise to solve all of your problems in your computer shop, but it is used by so many for it's simplicity and not everyone wants something that is complicated, that is what makes Repair Pro a great solution for your individual or small business and at a great price you can't pass that up but try the demo first as it's required for the full version to be installed. View the Softpedia review here.

For those who wish to update the current versions they have, a discount may be available. There have been some changes to the code to run more efficient, some screen changes and graphics, updated manual, relocated work entry screen buttons to right side of interface, repaired blat emailer (sends finish email to customer), seems to work, I put in my own email server and email address and it sent me a finish email. Some may need to start over with a new version depending on when you originally purchased Repair Pro, discounts can be made available.

Customizations can be made for you if you purchase which include a custom compile just for you, which can include your company image and changes to the text on the drop-off receipt. Each purchase gets your company name compiled right into the exe file, so it always belongs to you.

Please refer to the Repair Pro help page if you experience installation problems. Always install Repair Pro as Administrator by right clicking and choosing 'Run as Administrator' on Windows 7/10 operating systems.