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If you need help beyond the content here, contact Repair Pro and we will even connect to your computer remotely and help you. If it helps you it certainly helps us expecially if you find an issue that affects the software. We want to fix it as quick as possible. The software is used by several shops and has been reliable and not all issues can be attributed to the software. As per your license agreement, we are not resposible for loss of data it is up to the user to be sure to backup the \company\ directory daily.

On a 64 bit system if you receive a Runtime Error 48 in Loading DLL, click here to download the fix. There is also a UK address version available.

Help with error messages Click Here

Q: I get a RUNTIME ERROR 48, Error Loading DLL With Windows 7 64Bit when I click on customer machines.

message may occur after installation of Repair Pro when clicking on Customer Machines due to a recent Windows Update, as of 10/30/2015. If you receive this message running Windows 7 after Repair Pro Installation. Thanks to Teknik Computers of the UK for finding the fix for it and being patient. This problem is caused by a recent update of Windows Live on Windows 7 and 8 with 64-bit computers. Microsoft has posted a fix for this. Download, Extract files and run to repair the error.

Click Here to download the fix and run it


Q: Repair Pro installation won't complete and locks up

The Repair Pro Installer will do this for users who never restart the computer. Try restarting the computer, give it a fresh start and then run the setup again. Be sure to disable anti-virus software on your computer as well and any program, this is the general rule for any installation on Windows.


Q: How do I change the company logo's that appear on the asset tag and workorders?

Look in the Repair Pro directory for a folder called \company\. If you installed to default folder it will be C:\Program Files\RepairPro\company\. There are two files assetlogo.jpg (92x96) and companylogo.jpg (144x150). Open them with a graphics editor or create your own and overwrite these two files. The software will automatically load them up for you. If you cannot create them and you purchase the software, Aplus will do this for you.


Q: How do I add a computer photo to show up on the workorder screen?

Look in the Repair Pro directory for a folder called \pcpics\. You will see two example files 500.jpg and 501.jpg, these files go by job number, so all you need to do is take an image and call it [jobnumber.jpg] reduce it's size to 150x150 and place it in this directory. The software will automatically search for the photo when you open the workorder screen.


Q: How and why do I want to print labels?

One of Repair Pro's finest features is the ability to print an asset label a unique number. A Job number and the current date. The software works will with a Brother QL-500 printer or any printer where the label printer shows up as a printer to windows not a memory card.


Q: How do I enable Network Mode so I can Share the Repair Pro Information?

New video has been released for those who need help networking Repair Pro to share the data between 2 computers (Must have purchased 2 copies). To view the videos: Click here for Server setup, Click here for Client setup. Network mode will be greyed out on single user licenses, 2 copies of the software are required for data sharing, Example: Front desk and rear shop computers.


Q: What limitations are in the Demo version?

The software is fully functional to allow you to use it in your shop and get a good feel if it is right for you, nobody likes limitations and you can't get a good feel that way on how it works. The only limitation is that you can only create up to 10 repairs in open/closed status at a time, so essentially 5 OPEN repairs and 5 CLOSED repairs will show up only. Network mode is not available in the Demo.


Q: How do I send Email to notify the customer the Repair is done.

On the workorder screen, look for a button called 'Notify Customer', if you have setup your SMTP server properly and email address, an email is generated using your company information, make, model, technician name for the closing as well as the job number asking the customer to refer to that number for any questions regarding the repair job. If the email doesn't send, then your server doesn't use standard port 25 or requires special login requirements, please let us know if this is the case, but try tp specify here a standard SMTP server, this has been tested with Roadrunner to work fine. Be sure before you attempt to send out mails you change the email address in the workorder to yours the first time to be sure you are getting them, then it's ok to start using it for customers. Be sure to run the Customer Notification Setup under the file menu of Repair Pro first to setup the server and sender email. Refer to the blat documentation for setting up your server if it requires special settings before you start sending out emails.


Q: How do I CLOSE a Workorder?

Workorders that are done, or jobs that are done are CLOSED. These closed jobs won't let you edit information, you have to REOPEN it to edit the information. To Close a workorder, you view your OPEN jobs and double click the one you want, then when the screen comes up hit Save and Continue, you will be prompted if you want to ClOSE it or not.


Q: How do I REOPEN a Workorder?

When you are viewing CLOSED Jobs and double click a customer, you get a list of CLOSED Jobs, to REOPEN one, hit Save and Continue where you will be prompted as to whether you wish to REOPEN it or not. This feature mainly makes it available for editing again and doesn't change anything with the job, it just allows you to make minor changes to it, then CLOSE it again when you are done if you wish. This protects the information from being edited accidentally when the workorder has been completed.




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