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Thank you for your Interest in Repair Pro Software for Windows. Repair Pro wasn't ever intended for other companies but developed for A+ as it started it's daily operations as a repair shop. The software wasn't developed with a whole lot of concern with competetion because of this reason. As it was leaked by accident, a local shop tried it and had suggested it be released. Most importantly, it was developed and driven by hardship. Trying times during a poor economy and high numbers of job loss would spark a creative nerve that would later become Repair Pro. It was developed with only one thing in mind, to simplify the workload so that you can do more. When you start any business you need time to perform the work that generates income, not waste time on paperwork. Many start a business and handle everything themselves. For people like this, it's perfect because that's what it was developed for. You need more time to complete work as a sole proprietor, not worry about the customer invoice taped the computer coming off from a breeze.

Thank you for your interest in a project that's been years in the making but has proven to be one that many companies depend on all over the world and thank you to Dan from ACRBO for helping spread the word about the software. Click below to purchase using PayPal, but remember - you don't need a PayPal account and it's a secure transaction with a record history. We do not see your information, payment is solely handled by PayPal. When you purchase the software there is no subscription based fee, you purchase it and it is licensed to you to use for as long as you want without any additional fees. It is built on the software model before corporate greed came into play. As updates become available, you are entitled to them although the software runs solid the way it is and it's better to leave it alone unless there is a bug fix. Repair Pro has been in the field for years with no complaints and I would like to keep it that way, I don't think subscription based software is morally right. If you are more comfortable with cashapp, you can send money to $repairprowny and you will be contacted with reduced pricing. Please also include an email to repairpro@twc.com so I can Identify who donated, it is much appreciated during this covid crisis.




** Once you have ordered the Software, you will receive a serial number and installation package link to the email you provided. You do not have to remove the current Demo package from your computer, you must have the Demo installed in order for the Repair Pro patch update to work properly, however, to be sure you have the latest version you can go back to the original link sent to you for the demo and get the newest, always backup your \company\ folder before you begin! Please allow 24 hours to receive the serial number, in most cases it is much sooner.


Remember if you are paying by Paypal Echeck that the Echeck must clear before you are emailed the serial number and Full Version installation package.


Thank you to everyone for support on the Repair Pro project, for the working man (or woman) with a keyboard.

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