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We service IBM, Toshiba, Gateway, Emachines, Sony, Lernovo, Dell, Compaq and any major brand pc or laptop wny buffalo

A+ Technology Solutions takes pride in building a computer system powered by quality components and an insanely clean operating environment while offering the best performance experience right out of the box. You may think these are obvious tenets that every PC manufacturer exercises, but they're actually incredibly rare.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a cleaner, stable, more rock-solid machine on the market. We place the utmost care in building and configuring custom PC systems with performance, reliability, and longevity in mind. We just don't get calls on failing systems at all and if anything did happen, you are covered because we come right out and fix it for 3 years after purchase for free. Best Buy doesn't do that!


Our A+ Computers are fully upgradeableA+ Computers WNY come with HD AudioSupport for SSD Raid

We use quality components.

A+ Technology Solutions uses only the highest quality components in its system builds from top manufacturers. We don't cut corners to save a buck by using cheaper, inferior components that have been stripped of key features. Our inventories are built from parts we know, have tested, and use in our own systems. A+ Technology Solutions makes no profit or commission on parts alone.

We rigourously test each machine before they go out the door.

Our machines are built by hand, not on an assembly line, so we're fully aware of each and every component, configuration setting, and wire that's inside. We test power stability, temperature, fans and airflow, and disk and CPU performance to ensure you'll get the most out of your system. If you ever have an issue, the person who built it is the one who services it and is happy to help.

Your system will be whisper-quiet while remaining cool.

One of our biggest pet peeves are loud systems that have cheap, inefficient fans that sound like jet engines. A+ Technology Solutions uses low-noise, variable-speed, high-performance fans both on the CPU and in the chassis itself. Your system will automate fan speed and airflow as it deems necessary while averaging around 15db of noise under normal operation, quieter than a whisper.

Our systems are fully upgradeable.

We use absolutely no proprietary hardware in any of our systems. Want another hard drive? Need a faster processor? Looking for a bigger case? Want to make the move to SLI? No matter which aspect of your system you want to upgrade, we can easily replace or add hardware components without having to worry about brand-related compatibility issues.

You get a completely clean operating environment out of the box.

All A+ Technology Solutions systems include an absolutely clean installation of Windows and the original disc to go with it. When you boot your system for the first time, you won't have a plethora of trial and junk software bogging it down. Your desktop will be free of icons and startup processes trimmed down to practically nothing. It's how a new computer should be.

Powerful features come standard.

Whether you customize a monster of a rig or want the simplest desktop system available, every A+ Technology Solutions PC is packed with features. Multi-core processing, high-speed memory, plenty of USB ports, high definition 1080p output via HDMI, Dolby 8-Channel Surround sound and CD/DVD burning are standard on all systems.

From simple home desktop applications to the demand of a powerhouse gaming rig and industrial solutions, A+ Technology Solutions offers a variety of systems and configurations to meet your home, business, productivity, or entertainment needs.

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