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:: Studio Underground Renegade Bulletin Board Preservation from 1993 ::


(Accounts are still active, preserved accounts) - No particular order since these are screenshots recently grabbed from the running BBS. (Online now!) If true birthdays were given, some of these users are getting up there in age and may no longer be with us, but each and every one meant enough to me to save them all for all of these years. Thank you! If you see your name but can't remember password, email


If you see yourself on the list and you are lucky enough to remember your password, you are special! - for the rest of us, simply log in as NEW on the bulletin board and I may be available at the time you are on to chat and provide it to you, or just leave a message when connecting to the bulletin board with Telnet and I will provide you with those credentials once you answer some account questions not shown here. We like to make it fun.

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